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A 3-Part Revelatory Intensive

with true results.

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My name is Tom. I'll be coaching you through your transformation.

The first half of my acting career was plagued with struggle that could've totally been avoided. I'm here to tell you how to do it right so you don't waste thousands of dollars, hours, and years like I did. 

Now my students come to me with the same problems I had. Most of my private sessions involve these issues:

🎥 Why aren't my auditions good enough!?

🧠 My mental health is suffering from the hustle.

❌ No Casting person or Agent knows me!

😩 I'm tired of being so poor...


Information breeds transformation. For those who follow my guidance...

⭐️ Your effortless freedom will win the rooms

🦄 Your self-tapes will be a competitor

📈 You'll Crack the Callback Code

🕊 Enjoy a Hustle-Free Mentality

🛟 Save years of struggle.



Access your Unique Genius

Access Your Unique Genius

Crack the Callback Code

Communing With The Muse

Evolution & Metamorphosis

Define Style /Refine Craft



Your Transformation comes in 3 Easily Digestable Parts



What we were never taught...

Breaking in: The Side door

My Agent List Access

Capitalize Your Type

Film Festival Intensive

Financial Freedom

The Side Door Approach




The Psycho-Transformative Shift

Tom's Confidence Booster

Abolishing Nerves

Winning The Room

Spiritual Plane of Creating

Channel Liabilities to Assets

The Intensive | Learn from a Booker!

You could put off trying something new, awaiting that 📞 ...

Or learn the style, sophistication, tricks, techniques and shortcuts of a pro. 

a mentor who has been where you are.

All with time-saving hacks that'll save you thousands of dollars and hours.

I spent years in a miserable sludge and there's no need for you to repeat the same mistakes.


I did that for you. 



That's right. Self-Tape or Portfolio help and even Motivation.

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+ Tons More Support Included

More Help | Beginners

Full Access to the Beginner's Library

Even a PRO will learn something new from this one. For those who need a full restructuring from A-Z. Starting Out: My 3 Phase Plan of Action. Memorization. Side Jobs + tons more!

Scene Study, Get Out of the Funk, Nerves, Agents, Memorization, Evolution, Metamorphosis

Everyting I Learned New Icon Trans.png

Everything I Learned
In My First 10 Years

with Tom Downing

Sale: $197

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If you're lost, may this be your clearing.

I help actors find their stride. It's that simple. 


I was lost, too - in the darkest of holes for years as an actor. Even in the best of classes, I was left to 'figure it out' just like everyone else.


Even as a working actor booking a good number of roles, I had so many holes in my art and business.


It was keeping me from gaining progress.


Being a struggling actor is more than just not making money. It means not having direction or process or purpose.  

I'm here to change that.


Through circumstances and experience that I'll reveal in the intensive, I was mentally and emotionally released to allow for the process to truly take hold. 


20 years in, acting for me is easy. Because I learned how to make it easy. It's my process and it's a process that works.

Through my care and expertise, I will guide and mentor you using the same process that took me from struggling to booking. 


Will this really do the trick?

Has anything else worked before? Maybe an investment in something different is exactly what you need to bring upon a shift powerful enough to be another success story. With a mentor who has been where you are.

I trained most of my life and spent over $50,000 and 10,000 hours absorbing everything. You're learning from some of the best teachers in the world. And you're getting it for 1% of the time and money it took. 

Join the community!

Get acting tips, new industry practices, and info on acting gigs!

I don't spam. EVER.

Talk to you soon!

About Tom

I've spent 20 years dedicating my life to acting.

Tom got his start in the Chicago market booking shows like NBC's Chicago PD and The Playboy Club, Shameless (Showtime), and  films which garnered him festival acclaim. He also created the ITV Silver Award winning comedy Greetings! From Prison (SNL's Chris Redd). 

His New York City credits include the Emmy-winning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tribeca Best FIlm Winner Keep The Change, among dozens more.

He lives at the foothills of The Santa Monica Mountains with his wife Natasha Coppola-Shalom, son Rowan, and dogs Rory & Padfoot.

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